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Principal's Desk

Welcome to the Paradise Public School, Sundernagar.

Just as the tender plants require liberal dose of sunlight, water manure and proper fencing to protect them from stray animals. The YOUNG MINDS need care and congenial atmosphere and support to grow. We at Paradise Public School strongly believe and follow the roadmap for the same.

Education is continual and creative process. It is discipline for the adventure of the life. A good education enables a person worry about things in all parts of the world. Thus learning is life long process from cradle to grave.

Every young mind has potential so he / she should not be compared to any one but, being a student he learns commitment, focus and good habits the surely makes him / her to attain the goals and to be a good human being.

From a waterfall Paradise Public School has become a river to continue its journey to the ocean with a committed team of staff which aim to provide academic excellence and skills which will prepare your child for future challanges.

Through teaching we hope to instil a love of learning in a happy, stimulating environment which inspires, challenges, and encourages independence; where children feel able to take risks and learn from their experiences.

There is an atmosphere of fun and happiness at this school that is evident from the moment you walk in. Our pupils are courteous and caring towards each other and motivated to learn. During their time here they grow into confident, well-rounded individuals.

If you have any queries regarding the information here please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Mr. Prakash Chand