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Admission Rules & Regulations

Payment of admission/annual charges to be made only in cash or through a crossed cheque in favour of Principal Paradise Public School.

The amount deposited towards Annual Charges and admission for a particular year is neither refundable nor transferable to any other year.

In case, for any reason, a student after taking admission in the school wishes to withdraw, admission fee will not be refunded.

Student migrating from other schools must submit a transfer certificate / school leaving certificate, Progress report of previous class, a photocopy of Aadhar card & 4 Passport size photographs.

Registration does not guarantee admission.

The Principal reserves the right of granting or refusing admission.

General Rules and Regulation of the Schools

Discipline is the law of nature without it, nothing works. Inculcating discipline among children is the most significant aspect of education and is not confined to the school alone. Parents must co-operate with the school in observing these norms Students are not permitted to carry mobile phone or other electronic gadgets to the school. They ore not allowed to use school phone without permission. If student brings any electronic gadget to school and is caught by any school authority then it no be returned at any cost.

Students must come to school in proper neat & clean uniform.

During school timings no student is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal.

It is compulsory for all the students to attend the morning assembly.

A student can be expelled from the school if his / her progress in the studies is not up to the mark or his / her behaviour with teachers and other students is objectionable.

It is the moral duty of the students to keep the school campus clean. Students are expected to take proper care of school property. It is therefore their convenience. If any damage is done by the student it will be recovered from the student itself.

The school will not be responsible for the loss of student’s personal belongings. It is therefore not advisable for the students to bring valuables items to the school.

Leave application duly signed by the parents should be sent to school at least one day before to the Principal.

No leave will be sanctioned telephonically.

During school hours no students shall leave the school premises without the written permission. Permission will be granted only on request from the parents.

If the absence of a student without any reason exceeds a period of 15 days, the name of the student will be struck off from the school record.

Always remember to say ‘THANK YOU’, ‘PLEASE’ & ‘SORRY’ which are the most beautiful words.

The parents are responsible for the welfare of the child after the school hours.
Visitors and friends ore not allowed to meet students during the school hours.

Withdrawal & Transfer Certificate

Information of withdrawal must be given in writing at least one month in advance. In the absence of prior notice the student will hove to pay a month’s fee & other relevant fee. Transfer certificate will be issued after clearing all dues.

Transfer certificate will be issued within four days of the request.

Duplicate T.C./Report Card / Certificate etc. Will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/-.